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Cornelia li Britannia
Wed, May. 18th, 2011 12:06 pm


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Cornelia li Britannia
Tue, Oct. 12th, 2010 05:07 pm

[Filtered to only those who have met her in canon and in Demeleier.]

[A soft, melodious giggle can be heard over the network. It is a sound that is feminine and uncharacteristically dainty for the Britannian princess that slowly comes into view. She looks exactly like Cornelia li Britannia save for the yellow, glowing eyes, which squint shut as her head falls back, full laughter now falling from her lips.

The video pans out slightly when she sets it in front of her, unfolding long limbs as she lounges back comfortably in her chair, exposing a much more well endowed version of this image. She looks amused, relaxed, content even. There are several empty bottles of red wine strewn about the room nearby, as well as a half empty glass that she now raises to her lips. She's wearing make-up that suits her fuchsia hair and elegant features. She looks like a completely different person, unquestionably beautiful, even with the golden eyes staring coyly into the screen.]

I have grown tired of this little game of hide-and-seek. It seems that you were much too busy helping others face their fears to spare some time for your own. [Her lips twist into a cruel smile, and she leans forward, her face and an ample amount of cleavage the only things visible.] That is so very like you, Princess.

If it was your plan to ignore me until I went away, well then I'm sorry to disappoint you.

I wrote you a song, you see. I thought it was about time that you... ah—I mean we put one of your less blatant talents to use. Wouldn't you agree?

[Her smirk is full of contempt, even as she opens her mouth to sing, one eye closing into a wink.]

[She laughs again, finishing off the glass of wine and tossing it away somewhere unseen where it can be heard shattering a moment later. And then she stands, providing an even more suggestive view to those who might be watching.]

Our meeting has been long overdue. I do hope that you won't keep me waiting much longer~

[The connection fills with loud static before it completely cuts out.]

((ooc: if you're curious about her voice, it's her English VA, Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn, and you can hear her here.))

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Cornelia li Britannia
Sun, Oct. 10th, 2010 10:16 pm

[Backdated to yesterday, October 9th, after this conversation]

[Her tone is urgent and commanding while her face, now drained completely of color, is blurred on the screen as she moves around her hut, heading for the door.]

Guildford! Tell me your location now.

[It would seem that this sort of message is beginning to become a common occurrence. :|]

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Cornelia li Britannia
Mon, Sep. 27th, 2010 02:56 pm

[Backdated to Saturday, September 25th, before the festival, a few minutes after this conversation.]

Please be careful. Lelouch will likely be attending the festival. Avoid contact with him at all costs.

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Cornelia li Britannia
Tue, Sep. 14th, 2010 12:34 am

[Backdated to the evening of September 13th]

[Cornelia isn't looking at the camera as the scenery behind her moves. She's clearly walking somewhere, her brow bent in determination.

And, per usual, She's not going to mince words, but her tone comes out much like one who is barking orders.]

Guilford! Where are you?

[Her voice lowers, head turning to glance behind her.] It was brought to my attention that my brother has returned.

[Her lips tighten and she glances down at the screen.] And you will find that his name isn't the only one in the contact list that you might recognize.

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Cornelia li Britannia
Thu, Aug. 19th, 2010 11:10 am

[She's been checking the device often, keeping track of the names that appear and disappear. Watching and listening to everyone carefully. Taking note of the various personality types and behaviors so that she can, at the very least, understand who will be resourceful should this world progressively be subjected to conflict by their enemies, the fae.

That isn't to say that within the current populace there isn't a soul that won't be the cause of future opposition. This is why it is her practice to bear witness, for she has no intentions of likening herself to the creatures residing here, and has no want for friends.]

Am I correct in my assumption that when a name is no longer visible to us in this archaic device, that person has disappeared indefinitely? And what is the likelihood that he or she should return?

[Private to Schneizel -- Fairly Hackable]

Brother, I take it you have already noticed the absence of a certain sibling?

[Private to Nunnally -- Fairly Hackable]

Nunnally... [There is a pause because she hasn't yet addressed her younger half sister since her arrival. And her lashes lower until she is no longer looking at the screen.]

How are you faring? I have been wanting to pay you a visit. If it is not too much trouble, I ask that you set aside some time in your schedule for your older sister.

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Cornelia li Britannia
Mon, Aug. 2nd, 2010 05:37 pm

[The sound of choking and spitting is heard before the screen displays a blur of fuchsia and red. It's the red that lingers, however, as a hand unconsciously touches the screen, leaving behind three streaks of blood before it then presses on an open wound. To anyone familiar with firearms, it will probably be obvious that she has been shot several times. The blood stained teeth and choking coughs are proof of internal bleeding, while the pale, ashen face and dilating pupils show that she is having trouble remaining conscious. And if you are familiar with the unique shade of lilac-colored eyes that peer at her surroundings in confusion, then you probably have met one or more of her siblings, which happen to have arrived before her.

Cornelia is most certainly dreaming. At least, that is what she thinks as she struggles to push herself into a standing position on the stone steps. Her memories seem to come back in one, painful gasp. Her brother, Schneizel, watching her with empty, soulless eyes, the deafening sound of him snapping his fingers, and the way the world seemed to warp around her when the first bullet hit. And then the second. And then the third. Until she lost count and the only thing she could see was the two eyes still staring at her, unconcerned and apathetic as she lost her balance and fell forward. She was still looking for them even when the darkness enveloped her. Waiting for his expression to change. Waiting for the person she believed she knew to emerge from that unfamiliar gaze.

And she might have continued to believe that every part of it was just a terrible dream, except for the pain she feels is very real. Although the bullets don't seem to have hit any vital organs, the warm sticky substance escaping through her fingertips refuses to coagulate. She coughs again, spitting out more blood and falling back down even before she has completely stood up.

The dizzying swirl of earthy tones in front of her eyes causes her to blink as she raises a hand to her forehead, only to discover a twiggy knotted circular ornament on her head. A moment later, she tosses it down in disdain, as one might discard an unwanted gift, leaving the communicator where it still broadcasts on the steps. She settles for dragging herself down the stairs, ignoring the unpleasant, sweet scent invading her nostrils.

She doesn't recognize this place. This nightmare. She's become delusional. It feels like something she might have read in a storybook when she was a child. Not reality. Something foreign. Unfamiliar. And strangely terrifying for someone who hardly feels any sort of fear.

Her eyes begin to focus on a large, temple-like structure looming in front of her. By then, the hand trying to close up the wound slips away and she is feebly struggling for the gun-sword sheathed at her side. She knows that the world is beginning to fade around her again. That there has been too much blood loss and she will soon be accompanied by darkness again. But in her usual fashion, Cornelia looks like she is ready to defend herself until that moment.]

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Cornelia li Britannia
Mon, Aug. 2nd, 2010 03:29 pm

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Cornelia li Britannia
Tue, Dec. 1st, 2009 04:32 pm

The Witch of BritanniaCollapse )

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